MyCoursePack—Buy your coursepacks direct from and save big money! Megee Printing is your local provider of higher-education course packs for professors and students.

Our course packs provide online access from multiple devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops) for electronic course packs as well as the ability to order traditional, printed course packs. Students can receive a hardcopy of their coursepack via mail or pick up at our downtown location (click for map).  A bus stop is located right near our entrance for those without transportation. Western students can ride the Kalamazoo Metro Transit for free using your Western ID.  Click here for link to bus routes.

All coursepacks are pre-printed and are in stock.  No need to call to see if they are available.  Coursepacks selected to be mailed are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and are delivered in 2-3 days. 

You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.   Please check your link to the tracking number before calling with questions, Thank you.   


SUMMER HOURS Mon-Thurs  9-4pm; Fridays until 3pm
Sat-Sun  10-3pm**
**Weekend hours are during the first two weeks of Fall or Spring semester (not summer semesters).


Professors ~ Want to know how to create a professional coursepack of your own without hurting the students' budgets?

For Students—Order a MyCoursePack

We offer students print or digital (if available) course packs at a substantial savings over the campus bookstore.

Each digital MyCoursePack, when purchased, receives a unique code, enabling login from multiple devices. With Internet access, you can have all the benefits of a safe and reliable digital course pack, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Make and save annotations right on screen:
    • Highlight in Multiple Colors
    • Write Margin Notes
    • Circle Words or Images
    • Keyword Searchable
  • Prices are less than a printed course pack.

Digital or traditionally printed MyCoursePacks can easily be purchased with a credit card or PayPal accounts.

For Professors—Create a MyCoursePack

Choose traditionally printed course packs, or electronic versions, created to your exact specifications. Both can be available to your students, allowing them to choose which version they prefer. We use the latest cloud technology to give you the speed and security expected with online products.
Note: Files are locked and cannot be printed for duplication unless authorized by professor.

How to Submit Your Documents:

Fill out our order form (link below), then upload your files or deliver your hard copy to The Copy Desk, located in the lower level of the Bernhard Center.

Copyright Information for MyCoursePacks:

If your MyCoursePack is using content from copyrighted sources (i.e. other books, journals, etc.) we need the details regarding the source material so we can acquire the necessary copyright clearances. Copyrights have been known to take as long as 6-8 weeks, but are typically less than 10 business days. Please plan ahead for the semester start date.

Though not required, it would greatly speed up the production process to use this example:

Author, ISBN, Book Title (Publisher, PubDate), “Chapter Title/Number”, Selected Pages

Timothy Garton Ash, 0375727620, History of the Present (New York: Vintage Books, 1999), “Trials, Purges, and History Lessons,” pp. 256-277

Please copy/paste the bibliographical information in the copyright blank of the order form.

Re-Mastering Submitted Material:

Copied material is only as good as the original. Frequently, master copies we receive are inadequate for good reproduction. This may require pages of retyping or refining images and illustration. The time required for these processes may vary. The sooner your course pack is submitted before the semester start date, the better the likelihood that your MyCoursePack is available to students at the beginning of the semester.

Take It For A Test Drive

See a quick demonstration of how digital MyCoursePacks are interactive.